Thursday, March 25

Neptune's lips taste like fermented wine
Lately, it seems as though I get behind if I don't post every day. Does this mean my days are filled with exciting events and amusing anecdotes?

[Monday] Recuperation and rest (i.e. laziness). I got a haircut. It was cute that night, but not so cute now. It requires some sort of product to give it structure, but I prefer not to discipline my hair while on spring break.

[Tuesday] Went to the Frist with Phil and looked at some more art, this time of the European master variety. Some van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Braque and more. Very highbrow. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, though. My allergies kicked up on the ride home, so I downed a Benadryl and called it a night at 6 p.m.

[Wednesday] Drove to Birmingham with Phil to get a look-see at my future summer home. We had crazy trip hijinks this time. He forgot his wallet before we left town, so we went back to get it. I realized I had forgotten mine when we were halfway there (it's a four-hour trip). So we had to buy a $20 tank of gas and some food on his dwindling $50. He doesn't have an ATM card or a credit card. We crossed our fingers and hoped that we wouldn't break down or bust a tire. When we got there, I called the Bham News people and went inside for a little meet 'n' greet and tour. Their designers don't use Quark; instead they use the Harris pagination system, about which I know approximately nil. So that should be a fun summer challenge. Can interns get fired?

We scouted for apartments but the damn city is impossible to figure out on your first try. Frustrated, we just came home. I have some real estate guides and apartment books, so I can think about all that later. Right?

Last night we went to see Dawn of the Dead. It was a nice, squishy, gross-out flick with lots of exploding heads and squirting arteries. Do zombie movies reaffirm our values and appreciation for life or are they merely voicing our most potent fear of death? Hmmm, pseudo-philosophy. It's crunchy.


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