Tuesday, March 16

She couldn't offer you anything you could refuse
I'm going to New York tomorrow. So far I've only had quick bouts with nervousness. I've only teared up once. This flying business really gets to me. It's so perverse – just testing my mortality by hurling myself on a giant bus in the sky at thousands of miles per hour. But worrying doesn't really accomplish anything. This sucks. Yet I'm slightly excited because New York trips are always fun, and this one will be the last with the gang, so it holds particular significance. And, while it's beautiful here in Tennessee, New York is wrestling with some late-winter snow and nastiness. Mmm, can't wait to pack.

I made a C on a paper in my film class. Very crushing. The good news is we can revise, which I will make a point to do during Spring Break. While I'm writing another paper and writing a presentation and working on two design projects and writing news stories and visiting Birmingham to find a place to live for the summer.

Of course, this is assuming I live through this trip and my various takeoffs and landings.


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