Saturday, March 27

I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star
I think I might be a vampire. I live in a cave of an apartment, and in the afternoon, when I rise from my bed, I barely crack the blinds and wince at the light outside. Yesterday, I ran errands and was swerving all over the road as I drove, squinting at the brightness, eyes watering in pain. I couldn't even open the left one. And then today, I'm trying to get used to the sun before I go out in it. I keep glancing out the sliding door and my eyes involuntarily clamp up. I guess this all makes sense, since I'm convinced I would like to evolve beyond the need for a body. I'll keep working on that.

And speaking of gazing toward the sky, Phil and I have seen a strange light in the sky lately at night. It flickers and hovers, and eventually moves on and disappears. The natural skeptic in me knows it's a plane or tower or something, but I almost wish it would be a real UFO so Phil could finally know for sure. He has a compass on his keyring now so that he always knows which way is north.


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