Wednesday, May 21



Maybe I am dead. Because this is the first substantial stretch of time during the five years this blog has existed that there's been nothing going on that I absolutely had to write about, even though there's been plenty going on. It proves, at least for me, that blogging is strongly habitual and that if you truly devote yourself to the laziness within, it can overcome anything.

All kidding aside, I've been a lazy piece of shit since getting back from vacation. I always go through post-vacation depression. Always. I think this particular bout of nonsense has been compounded by the fact that I was mind-numbingly busy from mid-April until just this past weekend. I like being busy but once the work/play obligations clear up, it's like coming down off of a drug. There's withdrawal then recalibration. And in between there is a lot of crap food and a lack of exercising. Cue the self-esteem issues, and we've gotten ourselves into a lovely little circular rut.

I realized today while transferring important dates from my 2007 calendar to my new 2008 calendar (yes, I said new; I suck at life and just now got one AND it cost me $6.50!) that the cats were born on April 20, not April 11 like I thought a month ago. I suppose it doesn't matter anyway, but you'd think I would be able to remember that they were born on 4/20. You'd think...

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Anonymous fieldguidetomemphis said...

Chin up, TheoGeo :)

Let's go get a beer and reminisce about the good ole zombie days and it will all be fiiiiiiine.

Wed May 21, 01:37:00 PM  

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