Saturday, April 5

Little things

• I woke up yesterday with a brand new grey hair. Funny thing is, I can probably pinpoint the exact moment it sprouted Thursday night.

• Our office calendars use the Futurama credit-sequence font for the names of the months. This pleases me to an exceptional degree.

• Speaking of calendars, I still don't have one in the apartment for 2008. I've also decided that I need a datebook so I can write down appointments and meetings and stuff, which seem to be occurring with alarming frequency these days. Actually, I've decided I need a smartphone. I realize there's a substantial price difference there, but I can get a pretty killer corporate discount on several different models of refurbished Blackberries. I'm just not sure that I should get a refurb. Anyone have any strong opinions on that?

• It's not raining right now. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Just kidding. Maybe we'll see some sunshine this weekend. I suppose I could check the Weather Channel, but that would require more effort than a throwaway guess, and this is a blog, therefore that's a big no-no.

• I hate the phrase "big no-no."

• Yesterday I waited in line at Circle K with part of the WMC-TV crew, including a regular reporter whose name I should probably know but don't (because I rarely watch the local news; sorry, but I'm usually working during it). I had hoped he was buying scandalous things so I could come gossip about TV reporters hopped up on No Doz and Red Bull and pork rinds, but I didn't see what he bought so that idea was a bust.

• My managing editor told me they held up my Martin Luther King special coverage front page on CNN yesterday morning. I didn't see that either.

• I dreamed in Pixar-like cartoon last night. It even involved a kitchen at a restaurant, but there were no rodents or French people. It was quite beautiful the way my brain rendered things (for example, a wax-paper bag of beans ... wtf?) and it was almost as if I was kind of floating through the atmosphere, observing the goings-on of the kitchen without actually being a part of the story. Weird. I'll try to collect the memory scraps and post about it over at NA.

• The Tigers play tonight in hopes of making it to the championship. It's weird living in a town where there is such vehement and loyal support for a college sports team that actually wins a lot. Murfreesboro, it ain't. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to understand Tigermania, and I don't altogether disapprove.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps in a staggering display of cosmicness, my watching an enchanted kitchen full of dancing silverware at Beauty and the Beast transferred into your dreams! Duuuuude!

But the candlestick was French, so I dunno...

Sat Apr 05, 03:39:00 PM  

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