Monday, March 31

They'll be looking for you


The undead are a persistent bunch, you know. I spent last week leaving increasingly desperate messages on the voicemail of the guy who approves or denies events booked for Beale Street (it's a private street, you know, not public, so you can't just do what you want there without filling out paperwork), thinking he was avoiding me after last year's round of last-minute awkward runaround phone tag that nearly meant we didn't get a permit.

Turns out last week he was in Houston rooting for the Tigers — not intentionally avoiding the zombie uprising. So that last message I left him where I demanded that he call me back because it was "very important"? Probably a tad melodramatic.

But just a tad.

That's, like, thisbig.

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er, I mean..


Mon Mar 31, 01:47:00 PM  
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