Saturday, March 29

Reason No. 258 why it's great to work with a real artist

Because concepts you pitch that start out looking like this

shelf life — before

end up looking like this

shelf life — after

after he's worked his magic.

To say I have talent envy doesn't even begin to cover it.

Link love: Check out the newly redesigned Shelf Life blog, the book blog from the CA.

Bonus link love: Shane's blogging again!

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Blogger Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks! You're too kind. Seriously, though, I came up with it. That's half the work right there. It was a nice break from doing illustrations about committies and legislation and blech. Seeing how large it ended up running...I wish I'd added some other things to the shelf. Maybe they'll let me do that and then sneak the new one in.

Sun Mar 30, 09:25:00 AM  

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