Sunday, May 27

Day 145 — Memphis Zombie Massacre

[for May 25]

memphis zombie massacre — May 25

Kids, I'm pooped. The zombie walk went absolutely fabulously. There were waaaay more people who turned out than we ever expected. And they all looked FANTASTIC. I absolutely cannot express how happy I am with the way this turned out. It is a completely amazing feeling to be a part of something that so many people get into so intensely. It is hard to describe what it feels like to help create something that just sort of takes off and becomes its own animal.

Even though I was struck with a major headache by the end of the march and ended up checking out and heading home before 9:30 (I am officially a hundred years old, I know), it was seriously the first time I have felt exhilaration since moving to Memphis 2.5 years ago. I love this city for the support it showed this event. I never would have imagined it going over so well. Wonders never cease here in Memphis, Tenn.

One of these days maybe I'll write about how MySpace was the driving force behind the huge turnout, as opposed to more traditional means of advertising (we did both, but the vast majority of people came because of MySpace). But not tonight. I've got a headache, I've got to get up early and head to Saltillo tomorrow, and, like I said, I'm completely pooped.

So I'll leave you with this short documentary on the march, done by Daniel Lee. It pheatures the Phil we all know and love. (Quick correction, though — Sharon did not actually participate in the San Francisco walk; I think she had moved here by then.)

(Also, keep checking the blog at the MySpace page for updates, and the Flickr pool for additional photos. If you were at the march and you've got photos or video to share, please do.)

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Blogger La C. said...

Well that looks like one hell of a time. I hate we missed out.

Mon May 28, 06:40:00 AM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

My zombie family and I had lots of fun. You guys did something really great and beautiful. Many thanks.

Mon May 28, 08:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm glad you had such a huge turnout! It looks like it was big ol' work of art. And it's the SECOND time you've been mentioned on the Memphis news! You are turning into a little celebrity, Missy!

Never forget: SWISH predicts the future.

Next year get Beavis and Butthead to sponsor it. ;)

Mon May 28, 10:45:00 AM  
Blogger sarah saint said...

I'm reposting this from a few blogs down:


I couldn't make it. I wanted to sooo bad.

Looks like everyone had a great time.
Yeah. Between car issues and working late, couldn't do it. After I advertised it to everyone in Corinth. I was even stopping people at WalMart to tell them about it and give them the Myspace address.

Much bigger crowd thatn I would have expected. Cool.

Mon May 28, 11:40:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

La, it was fantastic. I wish you could have been there. Next time!

Gates, thank you again for coming. It wouldn't have been nearly as cool without you.

PT, it was too, too cool. I owe you a big fat e-mail. Stay tuned!

Sarah, I hate you missed it! But there's always next year.

Mon May 28, 11:21:00 PM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

Best quote from the documentary came from Jerkoff? from Arkansas: "Someone said something about zombies and I wanted to be one so I just came."

Tue May 29, 06:46:00 PM  

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