Monday, May 21

Internet, lull me to sleep

I'm having the worst time falling asleep tonight. I suspect that has a lot to do with getting totally shitfaced at 3 p.m. and then passing out at 6, only to wake up and lounge around, still fairly tipsy, until bedtime.

I laid down at 1:30, read a bit, then turned out the light and tossed and turned through a series of dream-limbo misfires — the kind that put you in such unpleasant scenerios so that you're sure to wake up before you actually fall asleep. The only one I can remember is a weirdly loud buzzing going on in my head that startled me awake. I woke up, flipped over, and fell into another unpleasant dream. And again and again. Until mild desperation set in.

And as soon as I was actually slipping into some real sleep, I heard a door slam and some shouting out in the parking lot. And, because my Grandmaw taught me well and I am a nosy creature, I slid open my window to listen to the commotion. And lo there was profane name-calling. And the woman getting into the car said something about "That's why I won't be up on you again and you can't even pay your rent!" And there were strings of epithets that would make sailors swoon. And there were car doors slammed.

And when the car rumbled its way out of the lot — I actually half expected it to go tearing out — I tried to get back to sleep, only to slip once more into uncomfortable near-dreams, and be awakened once more by the slamming of a car door, at which point I realized that crazy car lady had returned to the no-rent-paying gentlemen with whom she'd just had a tiff, and they proceeded to hash out their problems in the parking lot — again — at an elevated volume. At which point my downstairs neighbor (who will be getting a cake from me for this) ventured outside and said, "Look guys, I'm not interested in justice — I FUCKING LIVE HERE! — so could you go inside or go home or just cut it out because I FUCKING LIVE HERE!"

After all that excitement, I'm finding it hard to get to sleep. Which sucks. Because I got lots of shiz to do tomorrow.

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