Saturday, May 19

Another animated ad to make you want to kill yourself

But this one's more than just annoying and stupid.

Win a ringtone if you can click your mouse button fast enough to unravel this coy hottie's sweater. Note how both of the unravelers look like your stereotypical unhinged, dark-alley rapist types, and marvel as (you can't see it here, as this is just a screenshot) the rapidly exposed hottie demurely covers up her bikinied crotch as her sweater dress is removed by said unhinged rapist type.

Wrinkle your brow as you see "your" avatar kicked off the screen and proclaimed a "LOSER!" if you do not rip the sweater off your own personal coy hottie.

Scoff as the ad prompts, "Participation required." (Yes, for fuck's sake. We know participation in the idiotic patriarchal paradigm of dominance is required.)

Dry heave as you realize this ad, stupid and random as it may be (and, in fact, especially because of its stupidity and randomness), is indicative of the way our society feels about the accessibility of the bodies of women. If it's there, brothers, help yourselves. UNLESS YOU'RE A LOSER.

[Who knows how long this ad will occupy the space on this page (I was looking up the lyrics to "AFK" by Pinback), but check it out if it's still there. I have not seen this ad anywhere else. Yet.

UPDATE: As of 1:20 a.m. on 5/20, it's not there anymore. If you see it pop up elsewhere, please do let me know.]

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