Wednesday, May 23

Current obsessions

• Dried cherries from Walgreens. Dear god these things are amazing.



• The new Kings of Leon album. Finally, I've come around to liking it after a month of feeling extremely "meh" about it. And I can pinpoint the exact moment my opinion changed: Mother's Day, at my aunt and uncle's cabin, just as a political discussion was getting heated and I realized I couldn't sit there and not say anything for much longer (I try my best these days to stay out of these discussions because I always end up crying because the people I love hold such awful opinions of their fellow humans of different races and, often, genders), so I grabbed my camera and my iPod and went upstairs to sit alone on the deck. As I settled into the rocking chair, I hit the shuffle button. And "Knocked Up" began, its opening beats steady and quiet, building gradually. I stared out over the river to the opposite bank and watched the wind flirt with the trees. I think the sun winked at me, y'all. The song was the perfect soundtrack to a breezy Sunday spent on a rocking chair on the bank of the river. And after that moment, the rest of the album made complete sense.

• Procrastination, which is why I'm making this list.

• Relatedly, ambivalence.

• lolcats. I know, they're on the verge of jumping the shark (if they haven't already), but they crack me up so much I just can't stand it. Lately I've been giggling at I Can Has Cheezburger? and contemplating the greater cultural significance and grammatical implications of cat macros. And you can even make your own. I'm itching to break out some homemade ferret macros. Felix was born to be a macro star.

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