Thursday, November 23


• I will not be one of the hundred billion enthusiastic holiday shoppers busting doors Friday morning.
• There will most likely be leftover food at work Friday. Mmm, cheese cubes.
• I get to go home to celebrate Thanksgiving.
• I got my glasses' lens prescription updated just in time, since I'm on my last pair of contacts for the year.
• My mom and my grandmother and my aunt can cook, cuz I can't.
• My car runs, when it starts.
• My sister and her family are rebuilding their lives and things are getting back to normal.
• Wine has relatively few calories.
Six Feet Under season five is en route to my mailbox.
• Gonzo hopped around like a spaz tonight for about ten minutes.
• I dug a neat fashion trade magazine out of the garbage at work that is going to make an excellent decoupage source.
• My grandmother's stint in the hospital last week seems to have made her feel better.
• I could be having visitors within the next month or so.
• My license expires 12/25, which means I'll finally get to take "Under 21" off (it's a long story involving renewing two days before my 21st birthday, resulting in a subsequent four years of awkward looks from liquor-store cashiers).
• The heat in the building is finally coming on at night.


Blogger John H said...

I'm thankful that 2006 was the year I really started reading your blog (sorry I was late!), and that it was the year I ALMOST met you, no thanks to errant doctor's needles.

I'm hoping that my 2007 thank you list will include a f-t-f over Huey's or that Mexican joint you like.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lindsey

Thu Nov 23, 09:20:00 AM  
Blogger TVonthefritz said...

I'm thankful for Lindsey Turner! Seriously, I was going over the list of people I like in my head this morning, and you're near the top. You're right behind Maureen Dowd and Jesus Christ.

Thu Nov 23, 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

I'm thankful for you and yours. What "yours" includes I'll leave up to you.

Thu Nov 23, 12:31:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

John, I'm so glad you're here for the party and I'm confident we'll meet soon. I'm so glad to have become acquainted with your blog too!

Fritz, I couldn't ask for a more hilarious and hijinks-prone friend, especially now that you're loose in the City where you're hobnobbing with People Who Matter and stalking People Who You Love. It makes me laugh and smile and think of you schmoozing. I want to come visit.

Amber, insert inside joke here. Squeeze! Release.

Sat Nov 25, 03:05:00 AM  

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