Sunday, March 5


I know what's going to happen when I go to Nashville and Murfreesboro. Seeing my friends and the places I'd grown to love is going to rekindle that homesickness I'm wrestling with and had decided to quash for good just a week or two ago. It's what happened the last time I visited. October. I had nearly made peace with my geography then, and then a few days' worth of Nashville spoiled the rest of the year for me.

I'll try to fight it.


The past two nights, work has been surprisingly manageable. It helps when enough people are on the clock to get nine editions out. It also helps when you can do a good chunk of the work for Sunday's paper on Friday night and early Saturday on overtime. I suppose we just need to get into a routine (if that's possible with different deadlines and editions every night) and get used to the idea of always being a little confused about what's going on. But I can't wait to get away for a few days.


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