Wednesday, March 1


I have a work hangover.

We all have days at work that make us re-evaluate our chosen career paths. Yesterday was the kind of day that made me re-evaluate my entire existence.

For the first time since working at Sidelines, I came home exhausted from sitting at a desk all night. How do you get physically exhausted at a desk job? I'll tell you: Sit on the edge of your seat for seven hours straight, your heart pounding under the threat of multiple staggered deadlines while all the bosses you never see (i.e.: the really important people) pace and conference quietly in the distance. Meanwhile you're banging out three separate and distinct Metro sections in the same time it usually takes you to bang out one, using a new "layering" technique you've never used before, which allows your content to affect other people's pages, so you've got to make sure you're placing your content on the right layers and not effing up other people's pages. Keep in mind that for one of the damned sections, the editor didn't even leave you a budget, so you had to go rip-roaring around the office trying to find out what this particular geographic region of the city is supposed to get in its B section. Factor in a conference room full of pizzas you will not have time to sample. And then remember you have to do it all again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.


Cheryl's redesign is mostly complete, but I'm running into some browser inconsistencies. In IE for Windows, the body text and headlines and such are all centered. In IE for Mac, the damn thing is unreadable. In Safari (Mac), the body text is all Arial and all big and blue (and ass ugly!). In Firefox for both Mac and Windows, the layout looks the way I had intended (text flush left, blue headings and links, and black text). I haven't tried any other browsers. I'm not hip to the individual-browser-coding lingo, but I know some of you are, so please feel free to pass your sage wisdom along to me so I can make Richardson Zoo look consistent from browser to browser.

I really had fun with this one. It took me about six hours to come up with a concept, construct the nameplate, and get the template tweaked.

I still owe Cox and Fritz some blog and MySpace designs, respectively. And now I'm also working on a web project for the CA. And if I don't finish the cartoon and my guest artist portion of BOL, Tamara is going to string me up by my toe hairs.


Blogger phallicpen said...

I recall giving you a certain top-secret password to spruce up a certain top-public blog. Take your time, but know that I'll be waiting. Waiting to trim those toe hairs.

Wed Mar 01, 09:05:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Oh, you're right. I'll pencil you in for some code time.

Thu Mar 02, 12:01:00 AM  

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