Thursday, March 2

This post isn't quite as angsty as that poem

I wrote a poem about work. It's ridiculous, I know. But I figure sometimes abject horror and limitless frustration is best expressed through blank verse poetry. Especially when I can't get into all the details on the blog.

I've been so busy at work I have no idea what's going on in the news. So I'm going to find out right ... now.

The important:

There's apparently video (uncovered by the AP!) of Bush being told that Katrina could overwhelm the levies, totally debunking his "no one could have anticipated the breach of the levies" assertion.

But I'd be willing to bet my T4 vertebra that this revelation won't pose much of a threat for his reputation. George W. Bush is fucking invincible. Untouchable. How does he do it? I mean, besides the fact that there is no Democrat leadership willing or able to put the hurt on him?

And the completely useless:

Scott Stapp still thinks he is somehow relevant and that someone would release his disgusting amateur porn video (also starring Kid Rock) to try and harm his solo career.

The tape was not the only thing causing Stapp headaches. A day after his wedding, Stapp was arrested for investigation of being drunk at Los Angeles International Airport. He is set for arraignment on March 8.

"You don't want to say it's laughable, but it's just like, my God, there's so much stuff," he said. "Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail."

Yes, Scott, it's you and you. Take your own fucking hint. We've been over this before.


I think I got a neighbor today. I went out on the balcony and noticed that the lights next door were on. So I leaned over the brick divide and looked in the living room but didn't see any furniture or anyone moving around. Just a light.

I met the downstairs neighbor a week or so ago. She's chatty. We exchanged numbers in case she ever needs to call and tell me to stop stomping around at 3 a.m. Like I'm gonna answer my phone at 3 a.m. ...


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