Friday, February 10

This blog needs a swift kick in the ass ... from Jesus

Jesus was not above delivering tough love when necessary.*

It's not that I'm a slack-ass. It's just that I can't get a minute alone with an internet-connected computer. But Thursday is the day. I hope. Unless they tell me my cable box is hopeless. And then Thursday is the day I go on a killing spree. Stay tuned.


Training was canceled today. Our instructor apparently got sick. I question what kind of sick, because on Wednesday, during our lunch break, I was dicking around on my terminal when I happened to look on the instructor's screen (there are two trainee terminals per table, and between each set there's a monitor wired to the instructor's computer so you can see what he's doing and follow along while he teaches) and see him open up an e-mail from his wife. She said something to the effect of "When are you coming home? I miss you!" Her signature line said she was VP or something for some company in Birmingham, which is where we later learned our instructor lives. So he replied to her -- I'm watching him type the damn thing, because I have no manners -- something to the effect of, "I miss you too, but I can't get out of here until FRIDAY" (yes, in allcaps).

So it seems Mr. Teacher Man may have come down with a sickness, all right.

I didn't hear the news about the canceled class until I was already in the car with my art director, heading toward the freeway. He got a phone call from his wife, who'd gotten a call from our deputy managing editor, who'd heard from the instructor.

I work in the communication business, people.

So we just made the block and headed back to my apartment. He dropped me off at about 8:15 and I briefly pondered how best to utilize my day. Then I went back to bed, which turned out to be a good idea since I was asked to come in to work for the night shift.

It was so great, sleeping until the sky turned that heavy slate color and started spitting snow. I could have done my taxes or finished unpacking, but ... meh.

I'm not looking forward to driving home in a couple of hours, though. The snow we got -- at least a couple of inches -- was slushy and it's re-freezing as I type this. At least I don't have a long way to go.

Graphic stolen from a Fark comment thread.


Blogger Brandonian said...

Graphic from fark comment stolen from Family Guy.

Have a safe trip home. Don't veer off into the ditch on the side of the road, like the rest of the city seems to have done.

Fri Feb 10, 10:33:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Ah, I should have known. That MacFarlane bastard with his hilarious blasphemy!

Tue Feb 14, 05:39:00 PM  

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