Wednesday, February 1


Time Warner won't be out to rewire/connect my cable/internet 'til the 16th. Yes, that's not today, which is when they originally told me they'd be coming. That's two weeks or so from today. Quite a difference. I'm not sure I can make it a whole two weeks without internet at home. I went without it for two whole days during the move this weekend, and when I got back to the connected world, I felt like I had been sleeping Rip Van Winkle style for ages, only to wake up to an information landscape that had totally changed.

Looks like I'll be hauling my ass out of bed and into the office by 9 tomorrow morning by 1 p.m. (did that change that since last week?) so I can buy Strokes tickets during the internet pre-sale for the Ryman show. And then I'll be saving money up for Bonnaroo tickets because Radiohead and Beck and Death Cab and friends are scheduled (however unbelievable that sounds) to play, and if I don't at least try to see those shows, I'll always regret it.

This whole getting-a-cheaper-apartment-to-save-money thing is really working out. Except for the saving money part.

Caught the FedEx person today so I have my new phone. It's got to charge all night, but after that, I'll be dropping the old cell number and using the new one.

Still loving the new apartment. My love grows with each box I unpack and put away. I got to visit Phil's place last night, and he has it set up really nice. I think it's quite a bit more spacious than mine, so you can actually breathe and stretch your legs in it. That, or I have vastly more shit. Perhaps both.

I have a growing list of things I need.

Bathroom shelving.
Another bookshelf.
Coffee table.
End table.
Area rugs (x3).

Putting the place together is the hard part, but the best part.


Blogger J. R. said...

First- I'm seeing 4 Feb for Strokes tix, not tomorrow. Am I missing out?

Second- I always hate moving boxes and unpacking, but I love putting my stuff away. It's so sassi-fyin'.

Wed Feb 01, 03:53:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

Sounds like you need a local IKEA.

Wed Feb 01, 03:54:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

JR, the internet pre-sale for people who sign up on the Strokes web site starts today at 1. I think.

Check it out.

Thu Feb 02, 12:32:00 PM  

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