Tuesday, January 3

NiT picked

For posterity, here are my Nashville is Talking posts:

Let the countdown begin
Trouser tremors
What we didn't know didn't hurt us
Bread brainstorming
Yes, we all hate lists. Now let's make some.
Holiday re-immersion
I spit on splogs
The Magnificent (not deadly) Seven
The culture of individualism
Metro Police: On the "best" list
Look at that tight barrel
Hell is looking for an apartment
But the mold can cure diseases! (In retrospect, I should have titled this post Busy Mold)
Party prepping
Generation Y Bother
Ode to the News2ActionAnonymousCommenters
150mg of shoddy work
Resolution retrospective
The resolutions trickle in
We hardly knew y'all
It's 2006 somewhere
I think I bleeped all the bad words
So big that planes can see it
The end of Mind of the Photographer?
First post of 2006
Kudos for Channel 5
Try liquor
Pass, pass, pass, and pass
Resolutions shmesolutions
A bad omen?
Just don't smoke it
A few parting words
Can we call them cowards?
Go play
Get well, Middle Tennessee
A challenge for Nashville
Self-righteous celebs
Go big orange ... jumpsuits
Don't ever let anyone tell you humans aren't an industrious lot


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