Monday, January 2

Gotta go kill some robot zombies

The guest blogging is over. It was a lot of fun. I think doing something like that for a living would be a superb job.

I'll set up an archive of my posts eventually. I am feeling so unbelivably useless and lazy right now. The entire day has been that way. I blame the balmy, dreary weather. Know what I did today? Woke up at 12:30. Posted a couple of entries. Took a shower. Ate Chinese. Dropped Phil off at work and took Jamie home. Came to pick Phil up and waited an hour in the car, playing with the new iPod. Came home. Posted a couple of entries. Went to Jamie's. Sat around and spaced out for a while, listening to music. Came home. Posted a couple of entries.

Completely useless. But perfect.

Believe it or not, I'm kinda sick of being on the computer. So now I have a date with Ratchet at another computer where I don't have to type. Excuse me.


Blogger Cheryl said...

Just got back into the swing and just finished reading all of your guest posts over at NiT!! Congrats girl!! They were great. I'm proud to say that you're my friend!! Hope you had a good New Year.

Tue Jan 03, 10:34:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Thanks! It was so much fun! Hope your new year is fabulous, too!

Wed Jan 04, 10:31:00 AM  

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