Thursday, December 29

A frothy boring holiday recap

Now that my depressing, anguished Tolstoy Tuesday contribution is out of the way, I can get on to the holiday recap madness. You knew it was coming. Really though, it's not all that exciting. There were no exploding, angry exchanges between family members; no one was hurt or maimed or thrown down stairs; no one's gift from last year was regifted; and all was calm on the Turner/Chumney/Creasy/White homefront.

The holidays are almost over. I hope everyone had an amazing time, wherever you were and whoever you spent your time with. My three days off felt like a true vacation, even though two of them comprised my regular weekend.
I drove in on Christmas morning, because my dad had to go to work at 3 p.m., we opened gifts but decided to have the big Christmas/birthday dinner the next day when everyone could be there. Later that evening, my mom, grandmother, brother, and I went to my sister's house for dinner. We watched Casey and Patrick (and two of their step-cousins) open their gifts and proceed to strew them all over the house and lose small parts to some of them. There was some talk by some of the adults regarding the "War on Christmas," but I just kept my mouth shut and it passed fairly quickly. That night, Phil came over and we exchanged the truckloads of stuff we'd gotten for one another.

The next day, Amber made it to Saltillo and my sister's and aunt's families gathered at our house for Christmas dinner and birthday cake (which no one but Amber and I actually ate at the time). The adults spent the evening playing with the 20 Questions game I got for Casey and Patrick. Amber, Casey, Patrick, and I spent the night playing "Ratchet" and watching the seventh season of "The Simpsons" (which, incidentally, I got in trouble for doing since my dad thinks "The Simpsons" is a horribly blasphemous anti-family show).

Amber had to drive back to Nashville to catch her plane that afternoon. I took a nap. That night my mom took my dad and me to see Narnia. It was decent enough, but nothing I'd ever rush to see again. (Santa Claus? Oh dear lord.)

And then I drove back today and went to work.

It was a good Christmas. I ate way too much junk, got lots of new toys to play with, spent time with the people I love, and wasn't forced to watch too much CMT or FOX news (though I must say, watching CMT is certainly fun for the unintentional comedy factor). I'd say that's a success.


Phil found a notice on the door today from the apartment people, telling us our lease is up on Saturday. He freaked out, since we signed a 13-month lease (apparently, there are such things) in January of 2005, so we shouldn't need to leave until February 24th or so. So he called and talked to the incompetent boobs who run the place and finally got them to admit that they'd made a typo and we didn't actually have to be out until the 31st of January. That's still a whole three weeks sooner than we were expecting, so now, the apartment hunt must begin seriously and swiftly and we must find places to live within the next three weeks. 

Seriously, do not ever live at Lynnfield Place. To the people who will eventually land here by Googling "Lynnfield Place" sometime in the future, please take this advice to heart. The people who run this place are not much more evolved than your average lichen, and they will dick you over every chance they get. The only solace to be found in this fuck-up is the knowledge that I'll be spending one less month here.


Blogger TVonthefritz said...

My 60-year-old uncle bought the 20Q game for himself. I always delighted in thinking of dirty things for the computerized game to guess. My first inclination was to think of a penis. "Does this object bring joy to the world?" "Is it bigger than a loaf of bread?"
Oh. The fun and frivolity just didn't end, Lindsey Turner.

Thu Dec 29, 05:13:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

Ruh roh. Good luck. If you need me to look for apartments online at night when it's way to late to call the offices, I'll do it.

Thu Dec 29, 08:57:00 PM  

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