Friday, January 20


Ah, Martin Sargent. You have a name that sounds like it was ripped from a cartoon or a comic book. But you have provided the funny today.

I’ve always been a diehard PC guy. And I swear, until recently, I’ve never touched a Mac in my life. But ever since this year’s MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, I’ve been feeling kind of funny inside. Different. To put it bluntly, I can’t stop thinking about getting my hands on a Mac. I have become…Mac-Curious.

I’ve tried chasing the feelings away by sticking a new hard drive in my big black Gateway box and giving it a RAM job, but when I was sliding in that glistening new SIMM stick, I realized, to my horror, I was thinking about a Mac.


My girlfriend has a Mac, and she loves it. She’s always going on and on about its beautiful interface, ease of use, and how it takes her mere seconds to accomplish the task at hand. So last week, when she was sleeping, I snuck out of the bedroom, grabbed her PowerBook’s 12.1-inch screen and flipped it up. I experimented with it for hours, feeling a sense of excitement I had never known, until I heard my girlfriend wake up. Terrified, I tried to finish before she caught me but couldn’t figure out how to get the thing to log me off! “God,” I said under my breath. “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

Read the whole depraved thing.

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