Thursday, January 19

From Twisty's craw

I have loved I Blame the Patriarchy from the day Aunt B instructed her readers to leap links and take a gander.

And now, she of Twisty Faster fame has written something so perfect in its snarkalicious sincerity that I can only pass it along to you (using my new blockquote format, by the way) in the hopes that it will make your chest swell with pride as it did mine:

As I was saying, it has become abundantly clear that white men own American women (regardless of skin tone) by dint of their control of our uteruses, and that this injustice persists because the white male moderates have failed to step up. King called such complicity with patriarchal oppression “the appalling silence of good people.” I, on the other hand, would be more inclined to call it “fucking jagoffery.” Which disparity of eloquence is partly why King won the Nobel Peace Prize while I am just some bald blogger in a bungalow complaining about high heels and pole dancing.

So, since no handsomely remunerative prizes for gracious activism are at stake here, I’ll just come out and say it: fuck you white male liberal pie-fight lovin’ fucks who say abortion is a fringe issue and “now is not the time.” Fuck you for selling out half the human race because you think they look hot with meringue smeared all over’em. Fuck you for clinging to male privilege because of your sniveling fear that without it you’ll be just like we are: half-human whores.

Hell, why stop there? I’ll take another uplifting page from the Birmingham letter, where King calls out the schmuckism exhibited by intellectually inferior members of his own profession who criticized him for being too “extreme.” In these dark and uncertain times, advocates for women’s human rights are not merely criticized but demonized, and not just by psychotic fetus-worshiping godbags and porn-addicted honky liberals, but even by our fellow women whose brilliant careers would have been impossible absent the work of feminist precursors. To them I say, fuck all y’all!



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