Friday, September 30

[The problem with working with menopausal women]

Whenever the room temperature drops anywhere near 72 degrees Farenheit or below, as it did yesterday, because -- despite the beautifully mild temperature outside -- the air conditioner was left on all day, the middle-aged ladies in the newsroom dig deep into their filing cabinets and bring forth great heaping masses of wool to wrap around their torsos. Some put on gloves. Some wear knit hats. Then they flit from desk to desk, making conversation about how cold it is in the room and how they pick up the coffee pot every few minutes just to thaw their hands.

And then, when their complaints make it up the chain of command and A Boss decides to tell someone in the temperature control room to knock the air back a bit, this person will not only turn off the air, but turn on a bit of heat just to compensate for the wasted cool air.

And the air inside will begin to balance out as the sun drops and the plate glass windows cool off. But the next day, as the sun glares into the room, what was nice, brisk newsroom air the day before is stuffy and, in technical terms, icky. And everyone is quiet because it's so warm that you can't help but feel a little sleepy.

Oh, I poke fun at the older women around me only because some day I'll be them.

All joking aside, my family is a little on edge right now because my youngest cousin, Tyler, had a seizure this morning at school. Following the incident, his eyes were fixed and dilated and he was unresponsive. The Decatur County hospital helped stabilize him and tried to do a cat scan, but he came to and struggled and ripped all the equipment off of him (he's 9, I think). So now he's en route to Vanderbilt, which is odd because that's where I'll be going tomorrow. So if he's still there tomorrow, I'll need to drop by and wish him well.

He doesn't have a history of seizures, or even illnesses that cause seizures. He does have asthma, but my nurse mom doesn't know of any asthma-related issues that cause seizures. I figure it's a severe allergic reaction to something, possibly made worse by his asthmatic inability to breathe when excited.


Blogger nashgirl said...

That sucks. I hope he feels better.

Sat Oct 01, 11:27:00 AM  
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