Friday, September 23

[Fighting for her ferret]

You never really see news about ferrets. So this story is unusual.

This poor student just wants to keep her ferret with her at school because it helps her control her PTSD! But the school doesn't think the girl's disorder qualifies as a disability that would allow for this kind of animal helper.

And "the school expresses concerns over health and safety issues, and the possibility the ferret may hurt someone."

OK, I understand not allowing the animal on campus if they truly think this girl's bluffing. But why not just say "We don't allow animals on campus" instead of going for the "Ew, ferrets are icky and dangerous" argument?

It really is unfortunate the bad reputations ferrets have, because they're such amazing little animals. Click that link and watch the video of the ferret sleeping in the girl's lap, and running in the grass, chasing the news camera. So cute. Just because Kodo and Podo and the 'nice marmot' from The Big Lebowski could kick an ass doesn't mean all ferrets have crazy bloodlust.

Just look at these faces. Do they scare you?




Blogger phallicpen said...

What scares me is the infinite cutetitude of those pictures.

Fri Sep 23, 09:51:00 AM  

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