Friday, September 23

[Hustled & Flown]

Apparently Hustle & Flow star Taryn Manning (she played the white prostitute with the head full of tiny braids) was on that JetBlue flight that made a precarious landing the other night.

I was in the newsroom at the time, glued to the TV as the plane circled the airport. It felt rude to watch those people in what could have turned out to be their final moments, but I couldn't turn away. We just gathered around the TV and rooted a successful landing, occasionally letting tense little noises out when the front wheel started shooting flames and sparks.

Later I found out that the passengers had been watching their own plight on a cable news channel.

This quote pretty much sums it up:

"We couldn't believe the irony, that we were watching our own demise on TV—it was post-post-modern," passenger Alexandra Jacobs, a Los Angeles-based reporter for the New York Observer told CNN.


Blogger HUCK said...

She was also in a great little independant film that toured the film festival circuits last year, called "Dandelion". Well worth a look-see.

She's got talent, that one.

Fri Sep 23, 01:26:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

I missed that one. I'm such a pathetic movie mainstreamer -- I never get out to the indies because I'm too lazy to drive to the arty movie house in town.

Fri Sep 23, 03:50:00 PM  

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