Tuesday, September 13

[About nothing and everything all at once]

We were good consumers this weekend. Saw a couple of movies. Bought a couple of CDs, couple of magazines, couple of meals, couple of odds and ends for the cat, a few shirts, etc. The local enonomy thanks us, I'm sure.

Emily Rose was pretty lame. A courtroom drama, if you can believe it. How do you have a courtroom drama about an exorcism? Don't ask me, and don't ask the writers of this film, either, because they don't know. The whole time, I just kept thinking, "This girl who plays Emily will never work in Hollywood again, unless someone's looking for an epileptic character with a scream that just won't quit. Watch out for The Epileptic Girl with the Scream that Just Won't Quit, coming SUMMER 2006 to a theater near you!

Red Eye I found to be much better, despite its story limitations and heavily contrived murder scenerio. Seriously, why couldn't they just have some local thugs take out the family the old-fashioned way, instead of engineering an excuse to get out on a boat and shoot a missile at a hotel room? Is that how business is done in Miami? Remind me to continue never visiting there.

Anyway, it was an interesting exercise in Hitchcock-ian suspense building. I guess. I mean, that's what the reviews said. Most of the shots are of two characters just sitting and talking in their plane seats, but the feeling of impending doom comes across quite well despite a lack of things blowing up or jumping out at you.

And I love the occasional take-charge heroine who wins. Ooh, hope I didn't spoil the ending. You would have figured it out halfway through, anyway.

I will say Cillian Murphy makes a better creep than suave seducer, though his looks are quite striking. Even when he was being all nice to Lisa, he was still putting off majorly creepy vibes. Still, creepy can be fucking hot. Just ask those legions of people who have slept with Gene Simmons.


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