Thursday, September 8

[Afternoon delight]

In the news:

Ahhnold will veto Collie-fawn-yuh's same-sex marriage bill. Oh yes, and the Massachusetts attorney general wants a ballot initiative that will let voters decide whether they want their state to continue to allow same-sex marriage. So, around and around we go ...

This worm turns its host into a zombie briefly before busting out of its innards.

Slate's Jacob Weisburg explains what Kanye West meant when he blurted "George Bush doesn't care about black people." And they're both right.

And at home:

The captain over at the Southern Scholar has recruited me to swab the poop deck. I'm much obliged. The one stipulation: I can't say "vagina." The old folks just don't get it. Fair enough. So if I really need to talk about genitals (and I probably will), I'll just have to do it here. I can't wait to see who finds this page after googling "genitals" and "poop."

I'm starting to see Louisiana plates on the road. Trunks stuffed. If you've got that much, you're obviously doing better than many. But really, where will they go?

The cat may not work after all. We had to shut him out of the bedroom because he just kept moan-meowing all night. And Phil's allergies have been going balls-out since the cat came into the apartment. So I don't know. We'll see.


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