Thursday, September 8

[Compassionate conservatives]

I don't know what they were thinking, but these 11 assholes voted against the $51 billion aid package for Katrina victims. Republicans, every single one of them.

So far I've heard two explanations for their nays:

1. The Louisiana and New Orleans governments are far too corrupt to be trusted with this much money.

2. This handout will go willy-nilly to organizations and businesses and firms with no accountability for how they are spending it.

Yes, this is precisely the time to be frugal and stingy with government giveaways. Those selfish, greedy evacuees and their demands!

But let the good times roll when crafting an energy bill that further pads the gold-encrusted wallets of Big Oil. Hey, but two of these esteemed representatives (Flake and Paul) voted against the energy bill. (Vote roster here.)

The rest? Well, they just like to give money to corporations, I guess.

Fuck the people.


Blogger Jason R. Cox said...

As far as Republicans go, you could do worse than Ron Paul

Fri Sep 09, 12:33:00 AM  

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