Saturday, September 10

[Going to the ... justice of the peace?]

So my sister tells me she's getting married for sure. Still don't know when — not even a month or a season in mind yet — but it's happening and I've offered to design the invitations. Because I certainly can't offer to make a cake. But she says it's not going to be a big, white, flowery deal since it's her second marriage and his second or third (I'm not sure, actually). This is good for me because it means I won't have to wear some silly color-coordinated dress. But I might break out with a big poofy dress anyway, since she's a child of the eighties and I was dressed like a moron during her last wedding.

She seems really happy, and that makes me happy too. Her fiance is a good guy who is good to her kids. But this means she will gain several step-children and step-grandchildren, and, in time, several grey hairs.

Sorry I missed your calls, Brandon and Wendy, but my phone is sick. I'll smack it around and call you back if it submits to my will. Wendy has devoted a whole post to yours truly, and she hasn't even asked me for money yet! Now that's polite. I kid, I kid. Seriously, though, that L-Complex is deadly. Watch out for the mood swings.

I'm glad the Sidelines crew gave Kristin a proper new-job sendoff. I'll do my part by embarrassing her. Hee.

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