Friday, March 11

[Shoot all the super heroes from your skies]
I. I always thought that I would cry if I ever got pulled over. Well, I didn't. And I still got off pretty easy, considering I was doing 67 in a 55, yacking away on my cell phone with Cox at friggin' midnight. And I didn't have my license. Well, I had it, but I didn't know I had it because I couldn't find it in my cavernous key-eating behemoth purse. Anyway, I won't know how much the ticket is for a week or so, but I'm betting it's going to hurt.

II. Why does Maxis bring out and pander to the obsessive micromanager in all of us? I don't know, but I love them for it. Granted, Sim City 4 is no Sims, but it's got all my attention this week. What's unfortunate is the only way it's actually fun is if you cheat like crazy. It's either line your coffers with free money, or watch your budget plummet and your city stagnate at the ghetto level.

III. Kristin and Jimmy are coming to visit this weekend, and Amber and Whitney are coming next week. A blitzbomb of excitement for our lonely little household, finally.

IV. Phil is getting sick again. Which means I'll be getting sick again.

V. There's this modest little used bookstore near the apartment that I plan to make a weekly ritual. The other day I got Checkpoint (Baker), The Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver), Fury (Rushdie), Alias Grace (Atwood), and Lake Wobegon Days (Keillor) for about $4 each. I finished Checkpoint (pretty good) and started Poisonwood, which is really, really good. Of course, these were completely unnecessary purchases. Not only do we not have room for them, but I already have about 20 books I've borrowed or bought but have yet to begin. If that's my biggest problem in life, I'm doing OK.


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