Monday, February 28

[Twos, fours, and one-eyed whores]
Groan. I woke up this morning puking, my stomach in knots. For a lady, that shit is scary. I think it was just something I ate. It better have been. I'm still not fully recovered, and it's 1:30. The thought of food makes me ... ew.

I spent the evening playing Texas Hold 'Em with my family. I had forgotten how much fun poker was. We used to play strip poker (but we wore so much jewelry that no one had to take any clothes off) during our lunch breaks in middle school. And in gifted class we'd hide behind the desks and play penny ante poker. Learning is for chumps.

One of Evan's friends came over with a caddy full of poker chips, and they coaxed me, my mom, my grandmother, and my dad into playing. I won a few times, mostly on bluffs, but Evan's friend had the best luck of the night. He bet all his money without even looking at his cards and ended up kicking everybody's ass with four nines.


Blogger phallicpen said...

I bet they hustled you guys.

I'm a hustler, baby...

Mon Feb 28, 02:07:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

So next time you come in, we're gonna have to play a few games, which always turns into playing all night. I'd never played Texas Holdem before ... only five-card draw. Armed with my new knowledge and my melancholy but reliable pokerface, I will wipe the floor with you in either format. Consider yourself challenged, wench.

Mon Feb 28, 03:34:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

There can only be one Highlander.

Mon Feb 28, 06:41:00 PM  

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