Monday, January 17

[It's hard to conceal the flavor of strychnine]
This apartment is in shambles. It's so filthy that I can't even stand it, and it takes several layers of dust and clutter to get me to even notice a difference. We're having to step over and around boxes and clothes and bags and I can't wait to get the moving over with.

Tonight's projects include:
+ Prying the mirrors and clock numbers off the walls without ripping the SheetRock. They're secured with that ultra-secure two-sided sticky stuff that could tear flesh if needed.
+ Sew up a messenger bag I bought and really liked and forgot about because it ripped.
+ Get the boa down from the doorframe and shake out the dust before Phil gets home to witness it and has a panic attack. He has issues with airborne particles.
+ Take down the xmas decorations.
+ Finish packing books.
+ Clean out the desk.
+ Start making yard sale signs. I found out that it costs $18 to run a three-day, 20-word ad. That's a little much, considering that we'll be lucky to make $25. It's supposed to rain and snow Saturday, so I'm wondering if we should move the sale up to Friday. Or to Sunday?


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