Friday, October 1

[Never thought this night would ever be so close to me]
There is hope.

John Kerry wiped the floor with W. I'm not sure how long Bush prepared for the debate, but my estimates have his homework time at about 30 minutes. What was going through his thick skull those few times that he blanked out and stared at the camera for what seemed like ages? And did you catch the two or three large words his speechwriters must have pushed him to use so he wouldn't seem dumber than a fifth grader? Kerry, meanwhile, commanded the stage and the audience, and was painfully clear about his positions and his opponent's falterings. As Kerry was leaving the stage, and Bush had already departed, the audience roared their approval. But already Bush is twisting Kerry's words and saying he has disrespected our allies. Fox, bless their fair and balanced soul, is airing Bush's campaign rally in Pennsylvania right now, so that Bush will have plenty of time to spil Kerry's truths into lies and his own lies into gospel.

Also, Spain may be on its way to legalizing same-sex marriages.

And it's my sister's and Nick's birthday. They're both getting pretty dern old.


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