Wednesday, September 29

[And you don't think we've got it so bad no more]
+++Just now+++
I bought tickets to Long Island for the low low price of $215. Granted, it's plastic money that I don't technically have, but I am supposed to be getting some loan money in the next few weeks to blow at my leisure, because that's what loan money is for. Oh, and for paying back the parental unit for footing the tuition bill. But what better way to blow it than to visit Amber in the Hamptons during autumn when it's likely to be really freaking gorgeous? I wish Syracuse was closer so that I could hang with Patrick, too, but I'm sure he would eventually tire of our relentless clucking. Well, now that I think about it, Patrick can work up a good cluck, too.

is my aunt's birthday -- not yesterday -- and she's doing well after her surgery, which was yesterday. I still don't know about my cousin, though; my mom said she got a boob job but in today's boob job-heavy world, I don't know what that means -- reduction or implants.

Phil bought at sweet amp. He and his Parisian pair of brothers (who aren't twins, like I erroneously led you to believe) are having their first practice session. I hope they find something worth exploring. The kids seem really nice and Phil is truly ready for something musical to take hold in his life. That's all he's ever wanted and he deserves it.

I will kill my computer and then resurrect it. I bought internet access for my home so I could truly participate in my online abnormal psychology class, but yet again I'm sitting in the library because my computer can't function like a normal, uninfected PC. Also, Pipeline isn't supported by Mozilla, which I have to use because Internet Explorer, upon launch, explodes into a thousand pop-up windows and locks everything up. The machine is simply unusable and will eventually stop booting up altogether. So I'm going to wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall my OS and everything should go back to some sort of normalcy. If not, I guess I'll be paying the Azzo man to clean up my mess.

My family is coming up to Franklin to participate in a ginormous Civil War re-enactment. Though I could do without the cannon smoke, the Confederate flags, and the horse shit littering the land, I'll try to make it out to visit them because I haven't seen them since before school started.


Blogger phallicpen said...

Hooray for tickets! I'm 'bout to pee my pants for lack of an outlet to release my excitement.

I'm glad Phil can finally feed that starving musical monkey on his back. Rock on, brother. Rock on.

Thu Sep 30, 11:31:00 AM  

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