Thursday, September 30

[You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?]
I didn't kill the computer last night. I decided that to do so would be hasty. The Comcast man didn't leave the cable internet installation disk here, and I'm not sure I would have all the necessary passwords anyway. I'm also unsure about Windows ME reinstallation. There's not a password or code on any of my software, and the reformatting instructions I've read say you need one of those. So I'm waiting, but not for too long.

Phil is gearing up to cook a debate-night feast of Dale's grilled chicken, macaroni, rice, and garlic bread. I'm trying to keep my snotty nose from dripping onto every surface in the house. Every news channel on TV is already debating who has won the debate, which hasn't even happened yet. What a buch of tools. Thank god I'm in print journalism.


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