Sunday, September 26

[Spy on me, baby, you satellite]
We're back online at home with cable internet, but, to be blunt, my computer sucks shit and needs some major TLC. There are all these random new desktop icons telling me to find the perfect car or increase my profit margin (penis size?) and I never approved any downloads. So my security is all off and will apparently allow any remote computer to put files on my hard drive. Or something. Has anyone had any good and cheap experiences with Azzo Computers? Grrr.

We also have digital cable for a month, and it's a little overwhelming.

I met the guys from France Phil is going to play music with. They're nice enough, it seems, but I'm pressuring Phil to make sure they're not racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise ignorant before he commits to making sweet rock 'n' roll with them. They don't seem to be bad guys, but it's important to make sure of that sort of thing before you start co-writing political lyrics. Or that's what I would think if I was a musician. Or something.

Also, I'm reconsidering Florida as an eventual location to live.


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