Friday, August 27

[Another train of thought too hard to follow]
The interview in Shelbyville went well, but they only need someone for a day or two each week. That's not enough to pay the rent. I offered to work more and help with a redesign, but it all comes down to having the money to pay me for those extra hours. The publisher said he'd call me, but it's been a week, and I haven't heard anything. At this point, I can't promise that I would do it. $7.50 an hour for 8-16 hours of work each week, with a 30-minute drive each way? I'm not sure that's worth my time, even if it is newspaper experience.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get on at Dillard's. The pay there is much better and it's closer to my apartment. Billy's girlfriend, Chrissy, works there in the linens department. I'm sure we would have all kinds of sales associate fun, especially during the Christmas rush. The dress code there is pretty strict. No open-toed shoes; if you wear pants, you must wear a blazer; etc. You have to meet a certain sales amount or else your pay gets cut. But if you sell above a certain amount, you get a raise. I would most likely be working in the children's clothing department, which offers up all sorts of opportunity for insanity. Just the way I like it.


Hot on the heels of Jamie Lorance, Joey Hood, and my own Philly Frou Frou, I volunteered to help out with John Kerry's campaign. I'll be sitting in the M'boro Kerry headquarters Wednesday from 1-3 p.m., propagandizing everyone I possibly can. I also changed the county of my voter registration to Rutherford, so that I do more than just bitch about local politics. Now I can vote and then bitch!


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