Monday, June 28

[Now you should know by now]
A co-worker told me that it rains more in Birmingham than Seattle. I can't find any statistics to validate that claim, but it's rained for a straight week now, so I believe him. I haven't been swimming a single time this summer. So, since I can't partake of the quintessential summer activity, I pacified myself by buying a big carton of Blue Bell Exquisite Mint ice cream. Sadly, my freezer is apparently slightly warmer than my refrigerator, because I put it in overnight to harden up and when I stuck my spoon in this afternoon, it was soupy. Sigh.

I also randomly decided I deserved some new books, so I picked up Dress Your Family in Curdoroy and Denim (David Sedaris), Fear of Flying (Erica Jong), and Transgressions (Joyce Carol Oates). I started and finished Dress Your Family (superb as expected) and began Fear of Flying, which -- so far -- I really like.

Tonight there's a whoopee cushion circulating the office, and it's actually pretty funny to see how it embarrasses everyone when that loose fart sound echoes through the newsroom.


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