Tuesday, June 22

[Don't tell your right hand, baby, what your left hand do]
Bored bored bored bored bored.

I was told to be here at 8 this morning so I could observe the LifeStyles designer, but it's 9 and she's not here and an editor tells me she usually doesn't get here until 10 or so. So I'm not sure why I was told to be here so early.

I've already exhausted my daily web roundup:
+ the various blogs of friends/acquaintances/people I've never really met who probably don't know I read their blogs: Amber, Kristin, Amanda, Joey, Cheryl, Leslie, Ariel, Colby, Timmy, Emily.
+ a few choice message boards
+ news from The Tennessean and the DNJ and Salon
+ recaps from Television Without Pity
+ the various e-mail accounts I can remember: Gmail, Earthlink, MTSU

I'm out of ideas. Even Bored has nothing for me.

One thing's for sure: Even though I'll just go home at five and waste my evening, it will be nice to get out of work with daylight to spare. I love the nightlife and working late so that I don't have to get up early, but it does eat up my day and make it fairly useless, since I don't even get up and get going until 11 or 12. That leaves me with four free hours before work, and only an hour or two after work. I bet I could eventually manage working a real day-shift, if I tried hard enough.


Blogger Joey Hood said...

You read Colby's blog, too? I let the kid know that I cyber-stalk him. He seemed happy about it, but not in the jock-ular smugness sorta way.

Wed Jun 23, 02:21:00 PM  

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