Saturday, June 19

[I wanna get with you, and your sister]
So crazy guys are chopping people's heads off right and left. It's a good thing the war in Iraq made the world safer.

Shitty Stages (tm Amber) is off to a start. I suppose I won't be using my pass tomorrow, since I'm heading home early in the morning. My uncle died yesterday, and his service is Sunday. He'll be cremated, and his ashes are destined for the East Tennessee mountains, where he is originally from. My cousin -- his only child -- was home and with him when it happened. They're thankful for that. My aunt has lost her mother, her father, and now her husband in the span of three years. That's a hard lump to swallow. I have no idea what to do, and always feel helpless in these times. Every word I utter seems trite and superficial.

Amber came down last night to visit and we've had a whizbang of a time. We ate at some grill that charged a $5 cover just to get in and sit down to eat. Oh sure, there was a band playing, but it only meant that we had to yell at each other to communicate. She had a $9 chocolate dream and it knocked her on her ass. Today we rolled out of bed and drove to the swanky galleria mall, where a giant American flag hung like God over all the mindless consumers. I bought four bottles of lotion!

I'm sitting here at work right now while she's at the apartment, playing Ratchet and Clank. What I wouldn't give to be farting around right now, doing nothing. I'm waiting on a story to edit, but I think I suck and that I write bad headlines, so I'm sure they'll keep my assignments to a minimum. This whole experience is seriously making me question my career trajectory. Can the eye twitches and the stress be worth a crappy paycheck and odd hours forever?


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