Friday, May 21

[Rain all day and I'll stay all day with you]
I just came from my cousin's high school graduation in Parsons. Something like 98 percent of their graduating class is going to college. That's pretty amazing, considering that Parsons residents look at you like you're a witchdoctor if you show some hint of knowledge that doesn't involve tuning up a tractor. I don't think Keri is going to college, though she briefly considered MTSU. Even though I have my major beefs with the university, I still think I have had an incredible time, the likes of which I would love for her to get to experience.

Casey and Patrick went to the ceremony with us, so we've been hanging out all night, making funny faces behind each other's backs. God, I miss those kids. Casey will be in the fourth grade next year, and Patrick will be in the second grade. I remember being in the second grade. Was I that small and silly? I remember one time I did something and got in trouble, and was absolutely devastated, so I wrote my teacher an apology note and she let me slide. She was a pretty big influence on me, and I still write her occasionally. She now lives in Florida with her family.

Tomorrow it's back to the 'Boro and Sunday it's back to B'ham. The job starts Monday. I'm not nervous yet, but I will be.


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