Monday, May 17

[If I don't die or worse, I'm gonna need a nap]
I'm here. And I'm unpacked. And I'm exhausted. And I'm on a public computer in the "business center" (it's a room with one computer and a nice little printer/scanner that will come in handy) because I can't afford to get internet access in my room. And I'm on my way to Wal-Mart to complete the list of things I either forgot or didn't even consider bringing.

I miss my boyfriend and my ferrets and my friends already, so it's best that I keep busy.

If anyone is interested, my snail mail address is 951 18th Street South, Apt. 277, Birmingham, AL 35205. I accept checks, money orders, and candy.

Photos coming soon, when I figure out how to upload them on this computer without my camera's software. I may have to print them and scan them. We'll see.


Blogger Cheryl said...

Glad to see the move went o.k. I'll be looking forward to the pics. We miss you too!

Tue May 18, 07:41:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Hey Cheryl, I'm in UAB's library right now, and I'm going to take a look around and see how they stack up to MTSU.

Talk to you later!

Tue May 18, 02:45:00 PM  

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