Thursday, May 13

[You don't have to be so cruel 'cause all I do is a little less than what I can]
Not really sure how I managed it, but I got straight As. I was really expecting less, so now that I know I can half-ass it and still slide by, I am sooo tempted to make this my new student existence. Pure and total slacker.

I've also slacked off of what I needed to get done this week, that's for sure. But Phil is off today so I will simply drag him around with me to make the tasks seem less tedious.

Felix climbed up in the bed this morning twice to sniff around and dig and chew on Phil's neck. I think he's hungry. All that is left in the food bowl is crumbs, but when we went to bed last night, it had a substantial amount of food in it. Gonzo must have wolfed it down in the middle of the night, leaving Felix with the leftovers. Naturally, he knows what to do to get more food -- bug the crap out of Phil and me until we get up. Well, it worked. So now I have to haul ass to Petsmart.

Um, has anyone seen the video of the American kid getting beheaded in Iraq? Wow. I've only heard a description (thanks, FOX News) and that is some sick shit. I can't even imagine what sort of sadistic hatred you have to harbor to do something like that. The Iraqi prisoner abuse is bad, too, though I hesitate to compare the two. But by looking at them both in the same context, it seems pretty clear to me that we messed up pretty bad, and that things are going to get a lot worse before they get much better. And does anyone else constantly feel guilty that there's this war going on elsewhere in the world (in addition to other conflicts and struggles) that I can pay little to no attention to and still thrive in my little life with my little blog about my little problems and triumphs? Or should I be grateful?


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