Tuesday, May 18

[Champagne breakfast for everyone]
So I survived my first night. It wasn't all that bad. The empty bed broke my heart. But I made use of my time wisely, or as wisely as I knew how. I made Amber a CD, and I sketched this really creepy-looking self-portrait. I used my oil pastels in all green and blue-green tones. I look like Frankenstein. A pudgy, long-haired Frankenstein.

Today I also went to the tanning bed for the first time in forever. The pool at the apartment isn't going to be open for another week, and I don't have a balcony to lounge on, so I decided to go for the fake melanin boost instead. Now I smell like burnt flesh and Coppertone.

I'm on a computer at the UAB library. They have it set up so that you can't check your webmail. I can't get into Earthlink or my MTSU account. It keeps logging me off automatically. But it will let me blog? That is ass-backwards. It looks like I'll be spending lots of time here, since somebody's ass is always planted at the business center's computer. And that ass ain't mine, dammit.


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