Saturday, May 15

[I'm glad I got my suit dry-cleaned before the riots started]
Patrick now joins the ranks of the educated and diploma-holding, so congrats to him. I just came from a big shin-dig at his house, where I watched as awkward divorced halves mingled with one another, as well as with us, the friends, and some of Amber's family. It was a fun time -- good food and yummy birthday and graduation cake. Poor Phillip, Patrick's brother. His birthday is today, of all days. It's almost like having your birthday on Christmas!

Marie and Katie also join those coveted ranks, though I didn't get to see them after the ceremony. I wonder if they'll be at Patty's party tonight...

Last night my pals chipped in and gave me a gift card to Books-a-Million, to make my quest for summer reading way more affordable. That fucking rocks. I already know what I'm going to get. Kristin even made me a cool photo collage board to hang up in my drab little room. We sat around in the late evening and had some drinks. Amber and I dribbled a bit of ours on both of Amanda's throw pillows, and -- in our usual fashion -- we kvetched about our own clumsiness and tried to blot the damage out with paper towels. One of these days, when I have a house, so help me, I am going to host the party and give Amanda and Nick and Katie the chance to muddy my floors and soil my pillows.

But until then, and until the party tonight, I need a nap. I've got a huge day of packing ahead of me, and chances are, I'll be way hungover. So why not get some rest now?


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