Thursday, January 29

Part two
I'm working with a sense of urgency today. There are four carts full of books waiting to pass through me. And there are several kits on each cart, which means there's no quick stamping-and-pasting action on my part. Instead, each kit has to be cracked open, its contents meticulously labeled and stamped and numbered so that each tiny piece has enough ID on it to return it to its mommy if it gets lost. This means I have to individually label tons of VHS tapes, audio cassettes, books, flash cards, transparency packs, CDs, CD-ROMs, etc. It's slow going and I hold up the entire assembly line. (!)

Tomorrow, if I can come up for air, I'll try to start/finish my research paper/presentation for next week. I'm intimidated by all the research I've yet to do.

And the parental unit will make an appearance Saturday, so I'm told. They're loath to give me much more detail than that. As for time, place, manner, etc., they simply don't know, and probably won't tell me until the last freaking minute because they assume I have no life that can't revolve around them when they get here. I guess. Hell, I don't know. But I would like to know when and where they're coming, since I have to work from 12-5 and can't be there to greet them if they get to my apartment before I do.


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