Thursday, December 4

Men are from Mars and Mars is my enemy
New links are up. I'm getting closer to the grand finale of fall 2003. Ethics is done. Publications Design will be done this weekend with the completion of my portfolio. Women and Film and Philosophy will bite the dust Monday. I'm more than a little worried about Philosophy, so perhaps I'll devote some time to it Saturday. I keep saying that, but ...

So many words are flowing from this little white generic keyboard these days. They don't mean much to anyone, but they say a lot to me. I'm on board now at 100 Words and I took a crack at One Word. Timed writing kinda sucks for me. Don't know if I'll stick with that one.

More photos are forthcoming. I'm considering getting on board with some amateur photo sites, just to get some feedback on my snapshots and maybe round out my artistic experience. Thank god for dot coms. Everyone gets a chance. Well, everyone with a computer.


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