Sunday, November 23

My baby's got a heart of stone. Can't you people just leave her alone?

OK. I changed the background color and put some links at the top. Smashing. It's too bad that I can't archive my non-Blogger entries. Or at least that I can't figure out how. Should I stick with this font size or inch it down another notch? I am fond of small type, but I tend to get carried away.

OK, it's time for some self-assessment. I am at the library until midnight. I have to post Sidelines to the web following that. Then I'm home with Phil and the boys. Tomorrow holds the promise of being a standard Monday. I have Philosophy and Women and Film. I'll be getting at least one paper back. It could determine my grade. I'm worried. I've got to meet some group members to work on a presentation tomorrow night for Tuesday. And Tuesday will be spent at the library and in the lab finishing my portfolio, since I will be able to do nothing but writhe in pain for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Going home does that to me in times of high stress. Sure, it's a break, but it's no vacation.


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