Tuesday, November 25

We are standing on the edge
Yesterday was a good day. Philosophy was a mindfuck. We're studying Kant and metaphysics and things I really haven't had the time or inclination to pay much attention to. Shame on me because I know it's really interesting, mind-boggling stuff. I'm just giving more attention to other things right now.

I got an A on my English paper for Women and Film. That, naturally, lifts an enormous burden. After class, my design class group and I met to throw together a presentation for today. We had to critique our classmates' magazine spreads, which is a terrible thing for a bunch of amateurs to do, I say. I don't feel right getting up in front of my fellow students, telling them what they did wrong, when they know just as well as I do that I don't have any real authority to make those judgments. It smarts to hear critical judgments about your work from someone nearly as ignorant as you. But we got done in less than two hours, and I went home and made myself some soup and a grilled cheese. There's really nothing better to eat when it's suddenly 30 degrees out.

After a quick visit to moxy (my Animal Crossing town), I scavenged for my xmas decorations in the Closet of No Return, only to discover that I had stored the decorations in the laundry room so they would be easily found. D'oh. So I wrapped some quaint white and blue lights around my balcony and proclaimed HavenWood A-13 a winter wonderland. Magnificent.

The rest of the week holds promises of stress and promises of fun. Tomorrow I'm going home. Eye doctor. Then home. Thursday we eat. Friday we recuperate. Saturday we might watch home videos. Sunday I work. At some point, I've got to talk to my sister, to whom I haven't spoken in a month or so. Not looking forward to the awkwardness.


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