Saturday, December 29

Day 361 — Instincts

[for Thursday, Dec. 27]

instincts — dec 27

For the record, this is NOT one of my cats. (My cats can't kill anything except my patience. And silence, sweet silence.) This viciously cute little fluffball is a younger sibling to my cats, still residing with my parents. This is either Johnna, Paula, or Georgie (not sure, I can't tell them apart, and besides, one of them has been renamed "Connie" because, according to my mother, she has a contemplative look about her), who was tossing this poor dead cardinal around with reckless abandon when I came home from the mechanic's on Thursday morning.

Oh, speaking of mechanics. The car ended up needing a new spark plug and ignition coil. $83 for parts and labor. Not too shabby. She runs like a beaut now. Except for the loud-ass window-tape flapping that grows worse and worse as my ghetto window falls into the crack atop the door.

So I guess that's next on my list.

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